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What is Modbody training

Modbody training is small group personal training. You get all the benefits of training with a team of people to help support and encourage you as well as work with a personal trainer during each session.

Working with a trainer in a group environment helps you save money, but still get all the benefits of personal training.

Modbody training is functional fitness. We use a variety of cross training techniques to add variety and function to your training. you will learn how to do all the movements that will get you the best results.

form — our focus is on form, we want to make sure you are doing everything correctly to get the most out of each exercise and to prevent injury.

Limited group sizes — keep the attention on you to help you get to the next level and reach your fitness goals . Limit 9 per group

Nutrition — a big factor in reaching your fitness goals, you will work with your coach to tune in your nutrition so you can get the most out of your training and lose weight . Meal plans included as well as nutrition coaching in your program.

Accountability and consistency — the reason most people fail at reaching their fitness goals is they aren’t consistent. working with a trainer and creating a workout schedule with you will keep you on track and progressing.

progress tracking — weigh in’s, body fat testing, measurements, progress photo’s all included with your membership.


unlimited support

message your coach anytime through the nutrition coaching app or email, we are always here for you


Schedule your workouts

we make it super easy to schedule your workouts using the app or website.


Track your progress

Goal setting and progress tracking with all you body composition stats.


Daily accountability

With our nutrition coaching app you will receive daily messages to keep you on track and accountable


What kind of results do our clients get?


Sabrina lost 28 lb


Marco lost 49 lb


Bob lost over 75 lb!


Chris lost over 80 lb!


Cory lost over 20 lb in 6 weeks!


Jessica lost 40.2 lb!


Jacey lost 35.4 lb!