There is no gym in Lethbridge that I get excited to workout at! All the gym’s seem to be the same, they all seem to have the same equipment. It’s time for something different!

I come from a personal training background, we currently have a personal training studio ModBody Training in North Lethbridge where we train clients one on one and in small groups. We get amazing results for our clients and we have an environment where people thrive, grow and get better! 

I grew up in the North! I have lived here my whole life, we just moved to blackwolf and we love it! We wanted our gym to be close to the community we live in and served the people of the north and all of Lethbridge.

We wanted to build the best gym that is why its called The Gym In The North because it’s THE GYM to go to and it’s in THE NORTH!

We want to build a gym for the people!!!!! 

We want a place that gets results for its members! 

We are building a new gym….. a real gym! A HUGE brand New state of the art facility that is clean and full of high end equipment.

We have real squat racks, barbells, bumper plates, chalk. This is a place to get better there are no alarms if you drop weights it will be loud and we will have the music poppin!!!! BIG SPEAKERS….BIG GAINZ, could this be the greatest gym in the world? short answer yes, yes it is!

We want an environment that welcomes people to train hard,  do real exercises that get real results. We are combining the best gym ever with coaching + programming + education all in one place! 

We will have personal trainers on staff who will walk all new members through the gym to show you how to use the equipment and answer any questions you have.

We will also have workout programs available as well as video demonstrations of how to use all the equipment and new workout idea’s. Workouts that not only get results but that are fun to do! With equipment and options you won’t find anywhere else in Lethbridge!

We have so much variety in the equipment -Functional training, strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, weight loss you can do it all! We teach you how to use everything!

Membership options: Pre-sale special $25 bi-weekly  on a month to month commitment (not available once we open then it will go to our regular membership pricing).

The gym will be open 24hrs with a key fob system, train when it works best for you! We also have a water fountain with bottle fill station and private bathrooms with showers. Clean is cool! Please shower regularly!

We will also have a supplement section so you can get your protein, bcaa’s etc. during business hours.  As well as some ready to drink beverages like protein drinks, water, monster’s etc in a pop machine style you can purchase anytime. 

If you have any questions please let us know we look forward to having you in the gym and we are excited to see all your GAINZ!!!!!!!!!!

Peter lee

Peter lee